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Appendix IV.


represent the brake H.P., and Pa the indicated H.P. These lines
would be much more nearly parallel than in other machines, viz.,
the frictional loss would vary little from light up to full load. The
efficiency curve would have the same general character, and the
whole would be drawn to a base of load (B.H. P.).

f   P. 494. Whitworth's Quick-return Motion.

Example 69. Let two pieces move about fixed parallel axes in
rubbing contact. Given the angular velocity of one of them, find that
of the other: also the normal velocity, and the velocity of sliding at
the point of contact. (Hons. Applied Mechanics Exam., 1897.)

The first part of this question is answered by the construction
shewn in Fig. 457, p. 493. The normal and sliding velocities of the
slider are further shewn in Fig. 896, Referring to the latter figure,